The New Standard in Safe Deposit Boxes

The Vault House is a luxury safe deposit box facility in Brickell Miami, that provides world-class service with the latest security measures and technology to protect our members’ most valuable possessions.

  • access card


  • Facial Recognition


  • Fingerprint authentication


  • Dual-lock System


What Can I store
in a Safe Deposit Box?

You may keep any precious metals, jewelry, watches, hard disks, cryptocurrency, bond, stamp collections, data files, heirlooms, passport, will, property titles, essential documents, or any asset that is legal in the state of Florida.

Diamond ring secure in The Vault House
Gold bar secure in The Vault House
Passport safe in The Vault House
Important documents secure in The Vault House
Birth certificate secure in The Vault House
Luxury watch safe in The Vault House

We offer 3 Different Safe Deposit Box Sizes.

Our boxes incorporate the most desirable features in today's marketplace with aluminum nosing surrounding the entire nest and galvanized steel.

Custom-made boxes are also available upon request.

Explore Our Boxes
The Vault House member’s only luxury lounge
The Vault House exclusive entrance doors
The Vault House member’s only lounge
The Vault House high-end design lobby
The Vault House private viewing room
The Vault House vault made of reinforced steel and fire-resistant concrete